Posted: August 9, 2011 in favorite things

My favorite London pub, The Churchill Arms on Kensington Church Street halfway between Notting Hill Gate and High Street Kensington. (Just writing the address is romantic!)

The rioting in London has moved as far west as Notting Hill, so I hope it’s okay.

  1. There really wasn’t much trouble in Nottingham Hill and none at all in Kensington, so I expect your pub is okay. What makes it your favourite?

    • msmeta says:

      Glad to hear that, and to hear from you! Any dust-up in Oxford yet? It’s really a rather ordinary-looking pub inside, but the exterior is glorious! A lot of pubs have greenery, but the Churchill Arms is really splendid. And it’s on a lovely street, full of antique shops and such. I’d make a point to get off the tube at Notting Hill Gate just to walk down it!

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