HagDrag: Tiptoe through the Carnage

Posted: August 23, 2011 in beauty, favorite things

My new pedicure. I call the color “Dried Blood.” (Bwah-ha-ha-ha!) Gotta keep those tootsies pretty before we have to cover them up for the Long Winter. (And, frankly, I like having a little help every couple of months getting the toenails cut and my heels polished.) Feet are a bit puffy, but 100 degrees in the shade will do that to a girl.

Love the sandals. I usually have one piece of clothing that defines that particular season, and I will look back fondly on these yellow Born sandals of 2011, with their embossed flowers on either side. Makes for pretty tracks in the sand.

  1. Karyn S. says:

    Sooo cute!! Love your tootsies!

  2. Nice sandals! And oh, do I love pedicure season. It just means summer to me. (I just switched from a pink/coral shade to a plum shade, and now I’m depressed because I feel like it’s fall already. I may have to switch back!) I do like the dark color on you, though. I have a dark brown shade that I just love (but I’ll probably wait until almost-fall to deploy it!)

    • msmeta says:

      I had a lighter shade on previously, and I always go back to a darker shade. I like the contrast, I guess, and I have a plum polish that I really like. And of course, Noel Red for the holidays!

  3. Mizz D says:

    Love it!!!! Just had my toes done too – got the new crackle polish look going. Photo on my blog.

    • msmeta says:

      Ooo! Love the crackle! I thought it might be a little too “young” for me, but it looks great. I’ll have to try it!

  4. Mizz D says:

    Go for it! Keep ’em guessing!!!!

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