Posted: April 12, 2012 in blogging, hagwags, humor

My latest blogcrush is the inimitable Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor. I do love me a well-turned phrase and an irreverent look at life. (And her quip about “the hamster wheel of Tuesday” is still making me smile. My ENTIRE FREAKIN’ LIFE these days feels like a hamster wheel…)

  1. duchessomnium says:

    Hmmm…. first sentence by Mrs G I read: It is 3:44am and Mrs. G. woke up two hours ago, drenched, clammy with sweat and cruelly ripped from a dream involving she, Angelica Houston and avocado green shag carpet.

    And I’m shouting, involving HER…not she…

    I am afraid I dodn’t get a lot farther. I KNOW it is wrong to be the Grammar Police. But someone has to stand up for English.

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