My life in shoes

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Money, shoes

I had this dream last night that I went to the new chi-chi upscale Nordstroms and bought a $1,000 pair of shoes. (Taupe suede mules, not even that cute.) I immediately had Buyer’s Remorse and took them back, and the saleslady (who looked like Joan on “Mad Men”) explained that their new policy required that the refund be made in cash, so she handed me a $10,000 bill! (It had Millard Fillmore’s picture on it, and the weird thing is that I recognized him as Millard Fillmore…) I didn’t realize that I had been grossly overpaid until I got to my car, and then I was frantic that the saleslady would lose her job, but I couldn’t get back in the building to take the money back. And then I woke up.

I hope she didn’t get fired.

What’s the most you’ve ever paid for shoes? (The $100 I spend on a pair of tall black motorcycle-style boots is my biggest indulgence. And I had a gift card.)

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