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HagRags: Fit for fall

Posted: September 9, 2011 in fashion

While I’m still looking for that perfect pair of black pants, I have a few things I’d love to pick up for fall:

Nude low-heeled pumps

And I mean nude. NUDE. Not taupe. Not beige. Not off-white. Not tan. I want that pinky beige skin color that make your legs look like one long seamless line. And I am having a devil of a time finding any that would fit my enormous feet and that are priced less than $100. (These Stuart Weitzmans are about $350 and only go up to a 10… Sigh…)

Kimono Jacket

I love unstructured clothes. They’re comfortable and, if they’re constructed right, really chic. And I’ve seen some really great-looking kimono jackets, from sheer florals to heavy knits. I’d really prefer a kimono shape to the capes that all the fashionistas are crowing about this season. I may have to wander over to Nordstroms and check out this little number, which would look great with jeans or leggings or even a contrasting skirt:

Shearling boots

I’m not an Uggs fan (aptly named, those), but my daughter-in-law in freezing Ohio has a really fun, stylin’ pair of shearlings, sort of like these. (Of course, same big feet/low price dilemma at play here.):

Wrap dress in a great knit fabric

Diane von Furstenberg should win a Nobel Prize or something for inventing and popularizing the wrap dress. They’re EVERYWHERE, from Neiman Marcus to KMart, and they’re wonderful, because they’re easy to wear, pack beautifully and look great layered. I wish I liked how I look in a wrap dress better (a bulge here and there, unfortunately), and I’m holding out for a real DvF someday, like this one. Love the colors:

Tortoise shell tone watch

I’ve seen several of these around the interwebs, and I love the rich cognac color. I’d also prefer a man-sized watch because it would make a statement ā€” and I could read it without my glasses! Michael Kors has several lovelies available, but I might see what the local Fossil outlet has first:

What’s on your wardrobe wishlist for fall?