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“I like to do nothing, to escape from purpose: to brood, to think back and forth; to sit by a fire in Winter, or in a garden in Summer; to loaf on a sea-beach with the sun on me; to hang over the wall of a pier-head watching the waves in their green and white tantrums; to sit in a brasserie on a Parisian boulevard with a common bock, and the people moving to and fro; to idle in parks or public squares, or in the quadrangles and closes of colleges, or the Inns of Court, or the great cathedrals; to forget haste and effort in old empty churches, or drowsy taverns; to rest by a road-side hedge, or in a churchyard where sheep browse; to lie in a punt in the green shade of the willows; to sit on a fence–these things please me well.”

Holbrook Jackson, The Anatomy of Bibliomania (via the fabulous Terry Teachout)

The Hag packs her bag

Posted: August 31, 2012 in books, favorite things
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Headed for a long looked-for Labor Day weekend in the mountains with The Spouse and an iPad full of books.

Hope you’ll be doing something you love! See you next week.


Good grief, but I’ve had a crush on Sir Michael since I was a teen. He still rocks as Alfred.

I’m spending a few days in the mountains with the Spouse, a case of Diet Coke, and a stack of books. Back soon. Thanks. (Oh, sure! Like my thighs look that good!)

HagStags: Hugh Laurie

Posted: July 19, 2012 in favorite things, hagstags

Whatever shall I do without my weekly “House” fix? He was even born in OXFORD! (“Cool!” as House would say.)

Terror, Dan Simmons: A gut-wrenching tale of privation suffered by a motley crew of 19th century British sailors in the Arctic, complete with a menacing monster and a mysterious mute maiden. For those of you who like nautical tales, this is a doozey… My first read of the prolific Simmons.

The Paris Wife, Paula McLain: I’m a sucker for anything about the Lost Generation and the years spanning WWI until the outbreak of WWII. Such cataclysmic changes in society and manners. Such style. A tale of Hemingway and and his first wife Hayley Richardson in Paris in the 1920s.

V is for Vengeance: Sue Grafton’s latest installment in her alphabetical mystery series starring the unflappable Kinsey Millhone. Christmas present. Read it in one afternoon and promptly passed it on to my mother-in-law. Just fun.

Draw A Straight Line and Follow It: The Music and Mysticism of LaMonte Young, Jeremy Grimshaw: A biography of one of the founders of American minimalism, a crony of Yoko Ono and John Cage and a major influence on U2 and Coldplay. (And a local boy, to boot.) Very strange dude. All about breaking music down into math and physics. The book was very dense and I only “got” about a third of what he was talking about musically, but what an interesting life.

What’s on deck: Joan Didion’s Blue Nights and Where I Was From, Robert Barnard’s A Charitable Body, and a couple of British murder mysteries I bought used on Amazon. (More evidence of my Amazon One Click madness…)

What’s sitting on your bedside table? I’m always looking for a good read.

I don’t intend to make any New Year’s resolutions this year — really — because I just want to BE: Be who I am, where I am, the size I am, the age I am. However, the stylish Jessica Quirk of What I Wore has a blogpost today on clearing out your closet that somehow appealed to me. She breaks things down into basic pieces, core colors, secondary colors, and add-ons, and it is all very sensible.

Frankly,  I’ve lost track of what’s in my closet, so we need to spend a little quality time together.  (I actually bought two pair of the same sandals last summer at Ross — I forgot I’d bought the first pair, I guess, but at least they were cheap…) So, next week, when I’m not watching movies or pretending to work, you can find me rummaging through my closets, which are scattered throughout the house. (HEY! MAYBE THAT’S MY PROBLEM! YA THINK?)

Any self-improvement plans at your house?

My new pedicure. I call the color “Dried Blood.” (Bwah-ha-ha-ha!) Gotta keep those tootsies pretty before we have to cover them up for the Long Winter. (And, frankly, I like having a little help every couple of months getting the toenails cut and my heels polished.) Feet are a bit puffy, but 100 degrees in the shade will do that to a girl.

Love the sandals. I usually have one piece of clothing that defines that particular season, and I will look back fondly on these yellow Born sandals of 2011, with their embossed flowers on either side. Makes for pretty tracks in the sand.


Posted: August 9, 2011 in favorite things

My favorite London pub, The Churchill Arms on Kensington Church Street halfway between Notting Hill Gate and High Street Kensington. (Just writing the address is romantic!)

The rioting in London has moved as far west as Notting Hill, so I hope it’s okay.