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My new pedicure. I call the color “Dried Blood.” (Bwah-ha-ha-ha!) Gotta keep those tootsies pretty before we have to cover them up for the Long Winter. (And, frankly, I like having a little help every couple of months getting the toenails cut and my heels polished.) Feet are a bit puffy, but 100 degrees in the shade will do that to a girl.

Love the sandals. I usually have one piece of clothing that defines that particular season, and I will look back fondly on these yellow Born sandals of 2011, with their embossed flowers on either side. Makes for pretty tracks in the sand.


Posted: August 9, 2011 in favorite things

My favorite London pub, The Churchill Arms on Kensington Church Street halfway between Notting Hill Gate and High Street Kensington. (Just writing the address is romantic!)

The rioting in London has moved as far west as Notting Hill, so I hope it’s okay.